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We're Different.

Our unique Talent Management Tools and Ticketing Systems are working for you around the clock.

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HireTechs is more than a temp agency, we're your end-to-end IT solutions provider

We excel at optimizing IT hiring strategies and providing on-going support-wether that's additional IT placements or our in-house high performance resources.

Being part of a leading IT solutions provider based in Toronto, Canada, enables HireTechs to leverage years of experience in the IT industry; which we pass on as a value-adding advantage to our clients. This helps HireTechs better manage your IT workforce through tried and tested methods, and also gives us 24x7 access to teams of high-calibre personnel. These resources can be rapidly deployed or customized to better fit our clients needs. This poises HireTechs to not only optimize an IT workforce, but to assist and provide on-going support to achieve measurable success. And success doesn't come easy, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients have a reliable IT backbone that supports all aspects of their business's needs. Your problems become ours, so we assume responsibility for outcomes and deliverables.

HireTechs can extend the value of our client relationships by offering total end-to-end solutions along with our staffing strategies. Solutions such as complete managed services for infrastructure and/or application support. We employ dedicated High-calibre teams or individual personnel that work as an extension of your existing staff. When implementing new technologies our clients can take advantage of our versatile application support and deployment services- where we provide IT professionals to manage your projects to promote efficiency in outcomes and deliverables. HireTechs also enables our clients IT workforce to be more self sufficient. We provide knowledge transfer services, capability development training, and on-going advisory services. Better yet, all of our services offer scalability and grow with your business needs.

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"...we assume responsibility for outcomes and deliverables"

HireTechs helps our clients deliver quality outcomes while mitigating risks and controlling costs

An organization's business needs are always changing, thats why HireTechs specializes in providing flexible hiring solutions that can keep up with your business goals.

Our account managers connect your business to our stream of IT professionals to find the best fit for the job. Once placed we routinely check in with hiring managers and IT directors to monitor our placements and target their areas for improvement and growth. As your business evolves so does our hiring strategy, we're able to phase in new staff and better equip your IT workforce to handle new infrastructure and projects. Our quick recruitment process enables us to provide a fast and seamless transition for new hires and employers alike. These strategic investments into the right staff at the right time will push forward your business's ROI.

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Tools that set us apart from the competition:

An easy-to-use client assessment tool and a powerful ticketing system.


Our simple and unobtrusive surveying tool helps keep track of client satisfaction. Answers to simple questions are tabulated and organized into visual results that can be compared across industries. Paired alongside our routine follow-ups, SurveyBallot helps us manage your IT workforce and makes possible week-to-week resolutions. To learn more about SurveyBallot, Click here.
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Ticketing System

HireTechs can provide a Ticketing System that is both flexible and customizable to our clients needs. The system is designed to streamline reporting and escalation procedures for your IT staff. Synergy IT can also simultaneously monitor issues in your IT environment and rapidly provide additional resources if the need arises.
  • In use by over 70% of our Customers74%

A summary of what HireTechs can do for your business: